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The Duckbill Group

Swag Pack

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$15.00 USD
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$15.00 USD

That’s right folks, we’ve got awesome swag and it’s yours for $15 shipped anywhere in the world.

All of our swag features everyone’s favorite bullshit animal, Billie The Platypus.

Included in each swag pack:

  • 1 high-quality enamel lapel pin, great for attaching to your favorite suit (you do have a favorite suit, right?)
  • 3 drink umbrellas, because nothing screams “LOOK AT ME!” like pulling a drink umbrella out of a cigarette case at the pub and dropping it into your club soda
  • 3 Last Week in AWS stickers, perfect for slapping onto unsuspecting coworkers' laptops

Shipping is included at no additional cost and we’ll ship anywhere in the world (no promises on timing, though; we hear it takes a bit to get to Longyearbyen).